Wide Lace Panel Stole

mom's stoleAbout This Stole

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This stole has soo many great memories associated with it! It’s made with the very first ball of yarn I ever bought, and it’s also one of the very first things I ever designed myself. Though, that’s not to say this stole is the first thing I ever knitted (it is so not), nor was it the first project I tried to use my first ball of yarn on.

No, that one ball of yarn rode with me through 3 different apartments and then back and forth with me to work on Mondays, being used for test knits and learning new stitches for 6 or more months before it started to achieve its final evolution.

I designed this stole as a Christmas present for my mother. She HATES the cold! But, because she’s a sign and decal maker, she often has to brave the cold weather in the winter to put lettering on vehicles. She absolutely loves wide and long scarves she can wrap up over and around her head and shoulders. With that in mind, I created this pattern!

This voluptuous stole is perfect for beginners or someone looking for a relaxing knit as it follows a simple 4 row repeating pattern. Also, it’s a great project to play with color blocking!

Happy Knitting!

Rachel from Ravin Sekai Designs


What You Need

Needles: US7 – US8 needles (4.5mm – 5mm). I used JP9 (4.75mm) which is between US7 and 8, so if you have that size, it’s the most true to form.

Yarn: 360 – 390 grams (761 – 825 yrds) DK weight yarn. I used a Japanese yarn sold at Daiso that was 100% wool.

Gauge: 18 st and 28 rows = 4 in on 4.75mm needles

Finished Scarf: 74 inches long, 14 inches wide.

Skills Needed/Abbreviations

K – knit

P – purl

yo – yarn over (bring yarn into purl position before knitting next stitch)

K2tog – knit  stitches together

Helpful Notes

  1. For one color stole: Repeat Row 4 – Row 7 until desired length. (I knitted until my stole reached about 73 inches.) then Knit Row 1 – Row 3 and BO.
  2. For multicolored stole: you can pretty much knit your stripes any way you like! You can have evenly spaced ones or any type of design.

To knit the same pattern as I knit: Knit 22 rows blue, 20 rows creme, 46 rows blue, 12 rows creme, 6 rows blue, 12 rows creme, 20 rows blue, 12 rows creme, 6 rows blue (center section), 12 rows creme, 20 rows blue, 12 rows creme, 6 rows blue, 12 rows creme, 46 rows blue, 20 rows creme, 22 rows blue

The Pattern

CO 64 stitches

Row 1: knit across

Row 2: knit across

Row 3: knit across

Row 4: K11, *[k2tog, yo] x3, K12; repeat from * 2 times, [k2tog, yo] x3, K11

Row 5: K10, *P8, K10; repeat from * 3 times

Row 6: K12,*[k2tog, yo] x2, K14; repeat from * 2 times, [k2tog, yo] x2, K12

Row 7: K10, *P8, K10; repeat from * 3 times


Knit to  desired length, then Knit row 1 -3 and BO



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