Life Happens When…

I had every intention of keeping on top of my blog last time I posted. Unfortunately, life sometimes has a way of stepping in and laying waste to your best made plans. With mixed outcomes.

In February, sadly we lost a wonderfully bright light in this world. My grandmother Viola May Carson passed. She was an avid knitter and crocheter, and I very much look


Viola May Shawl Preview

ed forward to getting to speak with her about the craft. Though we never got the chance to chew the fat about our shared love, I feel her spirit close whenever I pick up my needles or hook.
Since her passing, I have designed a prayer shawl pattern in her honor. So, in the coming months, please look forward to it. I’ll hopefully have the Viola May Shawl pattern written up soon.

In more recent and happier news, Vin and I managed to tie the knot (again) this month! When I say again, I mean we actually had our wedding ceremony. The first time around was in the court house so the boy didn’t get deported… And anyone who has ever planned a wedding knows, not much of anything gets done when wedding planning is happening.


Under the Moonlight

But, the ceremony was beautiful, everything turned out perfect, and it was a wonderful day that simply FLEW by. We haven’t gotten any of the photographers pictures back yet, so when we do I’ll make a more in-depth post about the day.
In addition to getting to marry the absolute love of my life, I got to wear the shawlette that I knitted ages ago while still in Japan to wear on my wedding day. (Before I actually found my dress or decided the colors or knew anything at all about what I wanted the wedding to be like). As everything was coming together, I thought it might be a style clash or just not work or be simply too hot to wear. BUT, it was perfect like everything else about the day (I truly believe Grandma was looking down on us and giving a helping hand).



Upcoming posts: This months free pattern, Viola May Shawl, Wedding (in detail), Wedding Shawllete Pattern.

Thanks for reading


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