Finally! Back in the USA

So, Vin and I managed to make the BIG MOVE! Last entry I was talking about being worried about getting rid of all our large garbage. Well, long story short, we managed to get it, and everything else we needed to do, finished!!
We are now happily unpacked and set up in my old bedroom in my parents house! It’s a tight fit so far, but it’ll do for now. Though, I can’t imagine where we’re going to put all the boxes from Japan when they get here. Ah well, a problem for another day…

Also, we’re in the thick of wedding planning, or at least deciding on the venue. Which, we’re rather certain of… so date and venue done…. now just figuring out all the other details. Easy-peasy… right?… As my mom keeps saying, there’s always Vegas.

Wednesday marks 2 weeks we’ve been back in the USA, and also the end of our decided vacation time. We gave ourselves 2 weeks to EAT ALL THE THINGS, and sleep. I think I’ve gained 10 lbs from the amount of food I’ve been over-stuffing myself with. But, Wednesday means the end of those shenanigans. Time for a gym membership and more focused looking for a job for me. I already have a line on a maybe part-time job, so that’s promising. We’ll see in the next week or so if that pans out.

In other news, as always, I’ve been knitting and crocheting a ton in my down time. I started a crochet shawl while on the 23 hour journey back to America that I’m still working on, but also, I’ve gotten my very first commission!! That’s something EXCITING! Back in the US for less than a week and I’m already working towards making knitting a viable option for income!

ANNNND, I just published a new free pattern in my ravelry. I’m also going to write it up in the next post I publish on my blog.

Hopefully everything will keep going smoothly here! Wish us luck!

I’ll leave you all with some random pictures.


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