Terrible Colds, Moving, and Christmas Time

Hey all!
As usual, everything is a bit hectic. I don’t think I mentioned previously, but my fiance and I are in the process of moving from Japan back to my home town in America. I’ve done this once before about 7 years ago, but I feel like this time there’s about 100000 more things that we need to do. Biggest worry right now is getting rid of our large furniture. We’ll be moving back into my parents house when we get to the US until Vin can get his green card. Because of this, we wont be needing any of our furniture. But, because of Japan and their strict garbage rules, getting rid of our furniture might turn out to be a bigger headache than I’m really in the mood to handle! We’ve got a little over 3 weeks to get everything figured out, so I’m not quite in panic mode yet….yet being the operative word.

Another thing that I have going on right now is a terrible cold! Why do I always seem to get a cold when I have tons of stuff to do!? Does anyone else have this happen? So, having little to no energy, my nose trying to run off with my face, and hacking up a lung hasn’t been conducive to getting anything done on moving or anything else. The weather in Japan probably hasn’t been helpful for my health either, as yesterday was over 70 degrees and today it’s back to 53 degrees, rainy, and super windy. Yuck.

So, mostly because of these 2 reasons, I’ve been slacking off majorly on my knitting and everything else. I’ve been working on a scarf for my co-worker’s Christmas present for about a month now. Usually a scarf will take me 2-3 days depending on it’s complexity. The scarf I’m making for her isn’t even particularly complex! I’m sad that I missed giving it to her for Christmas, but luckily Christmas isn’t really a big thing here!


working on the scarf at work

AND most of my Christmas presents have reached their destinations so I’ll be putting up a post with pictures of all of those soon!! Hopefully I can get everyone to take pictures of themselves wearing them!

To finish this post off I’ll leave you with some pictures from the Christmas parties and the German Christmas Festival in Umeda.


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